Chapter 3: Ha Long Bay Cruisin' (Ha Long Bay, Vietnam)

Northeast Vietnam has a gem of a natural wonder, so much so in fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I'm talking about Ha Long Bay, filled with limestone "towers" that shoot out of the water. Ha Long Bay translates into "bay of descending dragons" so you can imagine all the lore that comes along with it. I was excited to see it for myself so I grabbed one of the many 2-day tours to the area and this is what I thought.

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NICKV. - "Sunday Stroll"
Dylan Hardy & Abraham Alberto - "Slow Drift"


Ha Long Bay 2 Day/1 Night Tour was booked with Hanoi Rocks Hostel at a cost of 2,000,000 VND (90 USD) which included a 1 night stay on Cat Ong island, which is privately owned by Cat On Tour Company. At the time of booking, you do not know what kind of accommodation you are going to get, which can range from a shared form or a 4 person villa.

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