Sike! The "Saturday Snooze" Is Moving!

"Saturday Snooze" serves as Nico's personal newsletter reflecting on the week that just ended. To read all the other posts in this series, click here.


After much deliberation and back and forth about what I should do with The Saturday Snooze, I've decided to turn it into a bonafide email newsletter.

Since the content of these posts may or may not jive too well (they are pretty random sometimes) with the site as a whole, it makes more sense to separate it out and invade your email inbox instead. Cue, sinister laugh and Birdman handrub.

I pinky promise that the weekly email will take 5 minutes or less to read and will focus on a single topic along with one or two other random bits and bobs (there is a 100% chance it is going to be a funny GIF). Content for the email will largely focus on travel, technology, pop culture, and life in Sri Lanka.

Thank you to everyone who has read the previous renditions of The Saturday Snooze and I invite you to be continuing following along and be a part of the new Saturday Snooze  2.0 that is delivered straight to your email inbox every week.

The inaugural issue will be my commentary on the rumored $1,000 iPhone that is set to be announced on Tuesday, September 12!

You can use the form below to sign up. Thank you so much!

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Nico Atienza is a third culture kid who took a year off from his life to make his dream of circumnavigating the globe come true. Apart from his love of travel, he is making videos for his Youtube Channel, an award winning volunteer who knows how to travel for free using miles & points, and is also probably trying to figure out how to tell his next story.

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