Saturday Snooze #012

"Saturday Snooze" serves as Nico's personal newsletter reflecting on the week that just ended. To read all the other posts in this series, click here.

Hello from a super, super late edition of Saturday Snooze! If anybody out there has kept count, this is entry number 12, the final one of this experiment that started about 12 weeks ago with the very first post of this series. It is also fortuitous timing that this post also coincides with the beginning of the latest chapter of my life.

This past weekend was moving day into a sweet little bachelor pad I had found for myself, the first lease I have signed after being nomadic for the better part of the past year and a half. I felt like a real adult again and I can stop being jealous of people who got to sleep in their own bed every night. I have one too, again!

There's quite a bit to go over so let's get this party started!

What is going to happen to the "Saturday Snooze"?

I've really enjoyed dedicating a slice of time every week to thoughtfully putting something together to share and I do want to continue publishing this going forward. However, with the time crunch of a full time job again (along with a whole bunch of personal and side projects), I will need to scale this back to be a once a month post from a weekly one. My goal is, then, to publish one on the 1st of every month for the foreseeable future with the next one coming out in a couple of weeks on August 1.

This whole series started as a way to exercise my writing muscle and stick to a consistent posting schedule. For the most part, it has done just that. In order to fully reap the benefits from this training, I will need to see if I can continue posting quality pieces without the need to write this pseudo personal newsletter as a crutch to fulfill my writing quota for the week.

If you have been following along or even popped in to read one of these, thank you so much! 

How was your first couple of days at the new job?

I'm not even going to sugar coat it. My first day was pretty rough. The company is expanding fast and the growing pains were evident when my onboarding process was in complete disarray. The laptop I required to perform my daily tasks was not ready for a few more days (despite them knowing for 5 weeks of my start date) and the loaner laptop I got to use in the meantime was so restricted that I couldn't even access the company Gmail.

I felt like I was pulled over on the side of the road with a flat tire and just watched tons of people drive by me and not stop to help. I might as well have had 'Clueless' Sharpie-d on my face for good measure. At the end of the day, the CEO pulled me aside and asked me how my first day went. I did my very best to be optimistic about it all and it felt that it definitely cannot get any worse than this. Gulp.

The second day was much, much better. I was able to have some knowledge transfer sessions withe some key individuals and got a much better understanding of the product I was dealing with. I was given a key to unlock a door that led to more doors that needed to be unlocked, making things much more exciting. This complete 180 made me feel really good about the decision I had made in joining this company!

Biggest thing(s) I've accomplished this past week?

One (technically two) of my biggest highlights of my RTW trip was getting up to speak in front of former colleagues and delivering a presentation about the trip and how it impacted my life. 2 days before the trip ended, I was the guest speaker at a Austin Cosmopolitan Rotary Club (I am a former member!) meeting and I recorded the whole talk. After sitting on the footage for quite some time, I finally edited it all together and uploaded it to my Youtube channel.


What am I working on this coming week?

The biggest thing I'll be working on this week is finding some equilibrium balancing a full time job with my various other projects. After a couple of days back in the workforce, I will never take for granted the open schedule I had while I was on sabbatical that allowed me the freedom to work on my projects and travel at my leisure.

With that luxury now taken away, I will need to get into a groove of waking up and having day job while getting personal projects worked on after I come home. I came back after my first day completely drained and I think my body had a real WTF reaction too.

Time will tell! Wish me luck.

Favorite trip photo of the week & the story behind it

This picture was taken in Quito, Ecuador while I was on an amazing free walking tour of the city. Our group was just in front of the Banco Central Del Ecuador (Central Bank) when this adorable family entertained passers by making some cheerful street music that wowed everyone that walked by. I usually don't stop and listen but I did in this particular instance because the tunes were really captivating.

SEE you again in a couple of weeks!

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Nico Atienza is a third culture kid who took a year off from his life to make his dream of circumnavigating the globe come true. Apart from his love of travel, he is making videos for his Youtube Channel, an award winning volunteer who knows how to travel for free using miles & points, and is also probably trying to figure out how to tell his next story.

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