Saturday Snooze #011

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Hello, friends!

This week's post is coming a couple of days late but I did warn you about that happening last week. A friend from high school (and a close friend of my girlfriend) tied the knot this past week with a series of awesome events that culminated in a rocking good time at the beach this past Saturday. This was my first wedding in Sri Lanka since coming back as an adult and the fact that it was someone who I grew up with made it even sweeter.

Congratulations Divya & Sandeep and thank you so much for inviting me to share your special day with you both.


All the wedding festivities meant the week that just ended would be slightly truncated but I still hunkered down and got a few things done before I begin my full time job in a week's time (!!). 

Let me tell you all about it!

Biggest thing(s) I've accomplished this past week?

Before I started my trip, my friends Andy and Tom pitched me an idea of starting a podcast where I would give updates and insights from the country I was currently in as I went along. I didn't see any reason why we shouldn't do this and we gave birth to the "Where In The World Is Nico" podcast.

We managed to record 9 episodes before I came back from the trip but a final wrap-up was still missing. That all changed when we recorded the final podcast and streamed it on Facebook Live! In this hour long episode, I delve into what I've been up to since coming back and share some stories from the road. Thank you to everyone who tuned in live and apologies for those annoying technical difficulties.

Here's the episode in all its glory. Enjoy!

What am I working on this coming week?

I am going to be moving into my long term apartment this weekend so there is going to be a lot of stuff I'll be doing related to the move. Apart from that, however, I'm trying to get some more video projects done. In particular, I'll be looking to edit the footage I took of the talk I gave to the Austin Cosmopolitan Rotary Club (a club that I was a member of) a few months ago about the trip. A few people have been asking if it was available yet and it is high time that I make it so!

What am I most grateful for this week?

Spending the weekend with some old friends, some of whom I haven't seen in well over a decade, really warmed my heart. I even ran across people who still remembered me while I, unfortunately, barely remembered them. This reminded me how Colombo and Sri Lanka is my one true home and that I made the correct decision to come back here.

Thank you for a great weekend. It's good to be home. ❤

How's the war on weight loss going?

I was hoping to write something more substantial on this topic since a full month has now passed since I declared war with my weight but it unfortunately fell by the way side as other projects took more importance. In short, it has fallen below my expectations.

Since I have been tracking my time, I have logged a little over 26 hours at the gym in the month of June and I have maybe lost about 2 pounds in that time. I was really hoping that the combination of hard workouts and intermittent fasting (only eating between the hours of 1pm - 9pm) would really supercharge my fat loss but there was something I grossly neglected, and that was proper nutrition.

There is a saying that buff bodies are made in the kitchen and not the gym and this is testament to that. I was working harder but not smarter. While I have progressed in terms of strength at the gym, I was not setting my body up to be a fast loss machine by not watching what I ate. I mistakenly thought that intermittent fasting meant that I could be very liberal with what I ate during my feeding times and I've got piles of take out containers as a result of that. How wrong I was!

Going forward, I am going to be more patient, pay close attention to portion sizes, and also try and restrict refined sugars as much as possible. With the move to my apartment coming up, I also hope to cook my own meals and really put the fat loss back on track.

Favorite trip photo of the week & the story behind it

During the podcast recording this past week, I told the story of the only time I feared for my life visiting the silver mines of Potosi, Bolivia. This picture was taken just before we started the tour and the mine cart pictured weighed close to a ton when it was full of ore and narrowly missed our group many times when it whizzed by on the tracks. Aye caramba!




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