Saturday Snooze #010

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Hello, July! The first half of the year is officially in the books and I hope you made it count. To all my friends back in the US, enjoy the 4th of July weekend! It is one of my favorite holidays when I used to live there and I hope everyone takes Monday off to make it a nice 4-day weekend.

Following the big news from last week, the week that just ended saw me moving to another temporary apartment where I will spend the next two weeks before I start my full time job and also getting some new pieces put together for this blog.

More importantly, I signed a lease on a nice little spot here in Colombo. The last apartment I had before I became nomadic was back in 2015 so it is nice to have a permanent space again. My girlfriend reminded me that it was time to unpack my things now and that gave me pause because I've gotten used to living out of a backpack.



Ready? Vamanos!

Biggest thing(s) I've accomplished this past week?

I'm really happy with my first infographic ever! One of my goals this week was to create an infographic summarizing my trip and finally have something. It took a while to calculate all the miles traveled but it was really fun to relive the journey again. There were good and bad times but I still don't regret a single minute of it.

I designed it on Canva and grabbed most of the icons on Freepik for those who are curious.

Another thing I'm proud of is uploading another vlog from my trip on my Youtube channel. This one was about the time I attended Ultra Brasil in Rio De Janiero. I had so much footage from that day that I found it a little difficult to pick the ones that would ultimately make the video. Enjoy!


What am I working on this coming week?

A friend from high school is getting married this week with multiple events (customary for weddings around these parts) and I am expecting productive time to be at a minimum. The big celebration is in Bentota (a beach town south of Colombo) this weekend and my plan is to shoot a hotel review of the property I am staying in and also to get some video footage of the wedding. I've been spending a lot of time writing lately and while it has been enjoyable, I would like to fire my cameras up and get some video done too!

Another thing I'm looking forward to this week is recording the last episode of the podcast my friends Andy & Tom put together for me documenting my trip. It started out as an audio podcast but then became a Facebook live stream. Recording it with them was a really good excuse to sit and chat once a month! The last episode will be streamed live on Facebook this Thursday at 9am Sri Lanka local time and also uploaded on Soundcloud.


TV shows I’m currently really into

The latest season of the hit show Silicon Valley ended a few weeks ago but I just got around to watching those episodes. I popped it open and blew through the first three episodes before going to bed one night and can't get enough. 

A plot line with a minor character, Jian-Yang, creating the "Hot Dog/Not Hot Dog" app was hilarious. I also found this faux interview with his character on Bloomberg (it never made it on the show):


Favorite trip photo of the week & the story behind it

I edited all the photos I took when I was in Cuba as part of my Havana tips post that went online this past week and this was the first time I got a look at all of the pictures since then. This particular picture was from a day when the sea breached the sea wall (malecon) and flooded into the the streets of Havana!

When I was walking around, I noticed these enormous swells breaking into the wall but saw all the commotion when it actually flooded onto the streets. I also noticed a group of friends walking in the mid-calf deep water with cigars in their mouths taking pictures of the wet madness. Haha.


Best thing I've seen on the internet this past week

I spend way too much time on Reddit but I stumbled onto this hilarious subreddit chronicling all the fails older people have with technology and social media. The subreddit is called "Old People Facebook" and has gems like this:



kill it this week!

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