Saturday Snooze #009

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The last Saturday of June is here and with it is the 9th edition of my weekly updates. I just pictured myself reading that out aloud as a newscaster with a Dan Rather voice. Haha.

It’s a rather calm evening in Colombo and my girlfriend is sitting beside me clicking away on her laptop trying to figure out something that she needs to present to a client. I am at peace again because the deed is done (mostly) and I have something I can finally share.

Ready? Let’s go.

What’s the big news?

An offer of employment was put into my hands last week, and after some deliberation, especially about the massive pay cut that came with it, I have decided to accept the offer. My future employer is Digital Mobility Services Lanka who develop the biggest ride hailing app in Sri Lanka at the moment, PickMe.

I will join the Product Management team and my primary duties will be to help shape, scale, and improve the mobile app going forward. This is an amazing opportunity for me because the company is still a bonafide startup that has a lot of potential even though they are crushing it at the moment.

Another thing I am going to relish is the fact that the ride-hailing space is becoming a very competitive one in Sri Lanka with a lot of players aiming to take the crown away from PickMe, including the distressed behemoth, Uber. I’m looking forward to the battle ahead! I start my new position on July 17, 2017.

I also finally landed an apartment after a stressful search that had me going to so many different parts of the city. I can now say that I live in Colombo!

Well, my visa application is in with the immigration authorities at the moment so I can’t really say that until my visa is approved, but, this is the last hurdle so keep your fingers crossed for me.


What am I working on this coming week?

With the job and housing search out of the way, I will be focusing a lot on wrapping up the personal projects that I had to put aside to do the aforementioned tasks. All the unedited videos and photos that I have stockpiled will finally get my attention.

I also realized that I never shared a summary of the trip I just went on so I will be working on creating an infographic of some kind to summarize it all. I hope to include the number of countries I went to, miles traveled, money spent, etc. that will serve as a starting point for the debrief. From there, I will delve into different parts of the trip and provide more context and stories.

What am I most grateful for this week?

A huge thank you to my wonderful girlfriend for being that settling voice when I needed guidance the most. I was able to bounce thoughts off of her and received some constructive feedback throughout the whole job negotiation and apartment search that made the whole everything much more manageable.

Best thing I've seen on the internet this past week

I read a story about an 18 year old named Erik Finman who won a bet with his parents that if he was a millionaire by aged 18 that he wouldn’t be forced to go to college. After taking a huge gamble at aged 12, he is now a millionaire at age 18 thanks to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

A single Bitcoin is worth around $2,700 each and he’s got 403 of them, putting them at a valuation of $1.09 million.

Here’s the article I was referring to.

I applaud Erik for winning that bet but this got my gears turning about cryptocurrencies. The last time I checked on Bitcoin, it was only worth $100 and in that short time it has ballooned up to $2,700. That’s nuts! I’ve spent the last couple of days learning as much as I can about cryptocurrencies and whether it is something I wanted to invest into. The wild volatility for cryptocurrencies is there but the growth that Bitcoin and its biggest rival, Ether, is experiencing this year cannot be ignored.


Bitcoin is up over 300% in the past 12 months

In the coming months, I’m going to get my feet wet in the world of cryptocurrencies and I will keep you posted on what comes of it!


How's the war on weight loss going?

I am still in desperate need of a weighing scale after the one I bought a month ago stopped functioning correctly. It will be in my list of things to do this week so I can keep track of my weight. I the meantime, I’ve been using the scale at the gym and I have been noticing a bit of a weight coming off which I’m pleased about.

The gym time is going well and I logged 6 hours and 41 minutes this past week. I expect it to be much of the same this coming week. With the full time job fast approaching, I want to get as much time in now because I expect that I won’t be able to visit the gym as much after I begin working.

Overall, after about a month into this whole thing, I’m really pleased with what I’ve achieved so far. I’m starting to feel stronger, run a little harder, and get closer and closer to the place I was before I started traveling. Onward and upward! (Or downward with regards to my weight).


Here's to crushing the week ahead!

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