Saturday Snooze #008

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What's going on, friend?

Today marks the end of my first month in Sri Lanka. Wow! A whole month already, eh?

Following an awesome getaway to the beach last weekend, it was back to business this past week. Since my first month in Sri Lanka was coming to an end, it also meant that my 30-day tourist visa was going to run out and I had to figure out how to extended for couple more months. I also needed to get back my gym and diet regiment after a rather carefree binge eating soiree at the beach.

Let the updates begin! 


Biggest thing I've accomplished this past week?

I personally visited the Department of Immigration & Emigration just outside of Colombo and renewed my tourist visa for another 2 months. It was pretty straight forward but took an entire morning to get done. I took note of the process and published it as a blog post. In fact, I even published a post on how to get the initial 30-day tourist visa for Sri Lanka

2 new posts on the blog. Yay!


How’s the job search going?

A formal offer of employment was put in my hands earlier in the week from the company I interviewed with and mentioned in my last update. I was ecstatic when I received the offer because this would be an exciting opportunity for me in an industry that I was keen to break into but it also came with a hefty 80% pay cut from my last salary when I last worked in Texas. I completely understand that this is Sri Lanka and not the United States but the cost of living here is not 80% cheaper either. I was warned about the horrible pay scales with companies in Sri Lanka but I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

I consulted several people about their thoughts on the offer and most recommended I try and ask for a slightly better compensation package based on my international experience. I’m not going to reveal the name of the company just yet since we are still in active negotiations but I promise to have more of an update on that front next week!


What did you struggle with this past week?

I purchased a bathroom scale a few weeks ago to be able to track my weight while I go through my weight loss challenge and I started to suspect something not being right after I weighed exactly the same for 4 straight days. I later confirmed this suspicion by weighing myself at the gym and correctly noticing expected variations in my weight. I’m going to have to purchase another scale because the store I bought the scale from doesn’t have a refund policy and I’ve already replaced it once. Gah. 😡

To make matters a little worse, my Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones that I’ve been using at the gym recently died only after 5 months of use. After some searching around on the web, it appears that these headphones (now owned by Apple) have a tendency to fail with excessive sweat which is what I suspect happened to mine. Since it was purchased in the US earlier this year, my options to get them replaced here in Sri Lanka are slim to none. There goes $150 down the drain. 😡😡


Lastly, I’m really struggling to access the internet in Colombo. A lot of what I do day in and day out revolves around the web and when my access to it is severely restricted, I can’t seem to function. There is a duopoly of service providers on the island who have rather annoying bandwidth caps divided into day and night time limits. The data cap at my AirBnB was recently reached so I can’t work from there anymore while the cafes I’ve been visiting to work out of all have some problem that make make working there quite unpleasant. I’ve resorted to using my SIM card as a hotspot but I tend to burn through the data allowances really fast working on my computer.   😡😡😡

Favorite trip photo of the week & the story behind it

I was flipping through the photos I took from the week I spent in Gili Trawangan (Indonesia) and was immediately transported back to that very moment in time last year. In the photo below, I woke up early to watch the sunrise over the Turtle Beach side of the island.

It was really calm following a night of frolicking and the serenity was rather nice. This was one of the most memorable sunrises of my trip!


Fine, I’ll admit I woke up for the photo op. 


Best thing I've seen on the internet this past week

The man, the myth, the legend Tim Ferriss is back with another TED talk. In his latest one, he talks about fear setting through a written exercise. I really enjoyed this one because I already do this in my head and it really makes sense to write it down to make a more informed decision. 


Have an awesome week!

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