Saturday Snooze #007

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If there is one thing I didn't anticipate when I started this blog series, it was going away for the weekend! Oops! I'm going to continue to (try and) publish this every Saturday for now but I might move it to a day in the middle of the week in order to make the publishing deadline.

It was a long weekend here in Sri Lanka so my girlfriend and I took the opportunity to flee Colombo and head to the beaches along the Southern coast. In our weekend getaway, hit up spots in Unawatuna, Weligama, and even Galle.

The weather held, for the most part, and it was a glorious weekend to be at the beach.

The weekend has come and gone so allow me to look back on the week that just was.

Biggest thing i've accomplished this past week?

I had initial discussions with both the companies that called me back from my last update with one of them progressing to two on-site interviews in the space of 3 days. I'm not going to reveal the company just yet because they are in the process of giving me an offer of employment (!!!). 

Both interviews were with the CEO of the company along with a few others and I am pretty excited at this opportunity actually. While there are a few more hurdles to make this official, I was still really glad about nailing my first on-site interview in a very long time!

On another note, I had a producer from Business Insider Travel contact me about featuring some of my footage from one of my Myanmar adventures! Hopefully they use the footage in an upcoming feature and then I can say I was featured with that awesome publication.

Here's the vlog they wanted some footage from:

How's the war on weight loss going?

After a week of starting a weight loss challenge, I've logged 3 hours and 43 minutes in the gym this past week and have lost 1 lb to date. 1 lb is pretty healthy weigh loss but it was more like 3.2 lbs after my weight shot up to 194.2 lbs earlier in the week following some binge eating.

Slow and steady but I'm getting there! I'm planning to hit the gym even harder this week and maintaining my 16-8 intermittent fasting schedule to restrict my caloric intake.



What am i working on this coming week?

Since I am awaiting a formal letter from employment from a company I interviewed with last week, I'll be working on figuring out pay scales and cost of living expenses in Colombo so I can effectively gauge how good or bad the offer is. From the discussions I've had with people already, I can expect a pretty significant pay cut when compared to the salaries I've enjoyed whilst working in the United States. Gulp.

Another thing I need to get done is renew my visitor visa with the Sri Lanka Immigration authorities. The process seems simple enough but the accounts from people who have done it indicated that it is a whole day ordeal due to all the red tape at the office. Double Gulp.

Favorite Trip Photo Of The Week & The Story Behind It

Since Myanmar came up randomly this past week, here is a fun photo from Yangon:

I joined a fellow guest at a place I was staying in for a really intense kickboxing workout. There was many kicks and punches at a sandbag but the exercise that absolutely killed me was jumping up and down on a tire nonstop for about 20 minutes. My calves were on 🔥🔥🔥.

Looking at my face in the picture above, I'm not really sure if I enjoyed it or not. Ha!

Watched anything good lately?

Finally, a DC film that is worth seeing! Wonder Woman did not wow me with its plot but Gal Gadot absolutely nailed the part with some amazing action all around. The $100 million it made in the US domestic box office in its opening weekend was well deserved!


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