Saturday Snooze #006

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Hello everyone! Greetings from another humid day in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

This past week saw a complete 180 of fortunes from the week I had last with a lot of progress on many fronts. I also connected with some family friends I haven’t seen in over 12 years and it was really nice catching up with them on the events of the past decade.

Without further adieu, here are the updates.

Biggest accomplishments this past week?

- I applied for 2 jobs a couple of weeks ago and received call backs for both of them this past week! I’m planning on sitting down with folks from both companies this week and explore the job roles on offer., an online store here in Colombo, has been a real MVP for me. It is a deals site where I’ve picked up a water filter and mosquito killing tools which is really helping my struggles with mosquitoes and plastic bottle wastage.

- I met with someone involved in online media and got the low down on the market for content creators here in Sri Lanka. There is really only one opportunity and that is publishing online content for inbound tourists. With that in mind, I’m going to really focus on producing stuff out for that vertical. I have also realized that I don’t have a video portfolio of any kind and that led me to create my creative identity. I am proud to present MATA, my creative brand. ‘Mata’ means eye in Tagalog (most common language of my birth country Philippines) and I’m really excited to be producing stuff under this name!


How is the time tracking thing going?

As someone who loves data, I’m really loving tracking my time because I get to see where I’m actually spending it unequivocally. Right now, I’m tracking the time I spend working on projects on my computer (including job hunting) and exercise.

This past week, the two activities where I spent most of my time was going to the gym (6 hours, 47 minutes) and creating the MATA logo (4 hours, 14 minutes).

I’m looking forward to more data in the coming weeks.

Weight loss is now a war

I joined the gym that I mentioned in my last update and officially started my weight loss journey! To make things official, I even bought a scale that I will be using to track my progress. 

My starting weight was 192 lbs / 87.10 kg and my goal weight is 160 lbs / 72.57 kg that should put me in the healthy section of the BMI scale. I’m giving myself a year to do this at a rate of 0.6 lbs per week. Doable, right? 

While I don’t put a lot of stock in BMI, it does serve as a good indicator for healthy weight ranges according to height so I’ll just go with it. Here’s to many more gym selfies and the body that I’ve been after my entire life!

Favorite trip photo of the week & the story behind it

One of my most memorable experiences traveling was going to small section of the Sahara Desert in Morocco. I couldn’t believe that I was able to ride a camel and go to the desert that I studied about when I was a boy.

The group I went with were an amazing bunch, almost all of which were fellow Workawayers working for the same language school in two different branches in Berrechid and Casablanca.

I chose this photo because I have been in touch with two people from this group this past week. One of them is currently traveling in Sri Lanka and another is planning on volunteering at an elephant Sanctuary north of where I am later this year. 

It’s been wonderful keeping in touch with people I met from my travels! 

What am i working on this coming week?

I’ve put it off long enough and it’s time to work on some videos! My Youtube channel has hit its first milestone of 100 subscribers this past week and I want to thank everyone who watched of the videos I've produced in the past year. I am planning on making a little celebratory video so keep an eye out for it.


Talk again next week?

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