Saturday Snooze #004

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Greetings from a very humid Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. My girlfriend and I can’t believe this day has finally arrived that I would come back here. I don’t have long term plans in this country yet as I’m currently looking for an opportunity to stay here permanently but even after going traveling for year, Sri Lanka is where I have chosen to settle down.

My very thoughtful girlfriend also put together a Colombo Survival kit for me that included local snacks from when I was a boy, a sarong (traditional men’s clothing), mosquito spray, and bunch of other goodies to make me feel very welcome.

I felt like I’ve been limbo these last two years after leaving my home in the United States of 9 years and traveling since but being here makes me feel a more at ease and eager to build some roots again.

Let the updates begin!


How’s Colombo?

So far, so good. It’s only been a couple of days but it’s off to a very promising start. I’m staying in an AirBnB in Nawala, a suburb just outside of Colombo proper, and it has been easy to get around thanks to the growing number of Uber drivers serving the area that is actually quite affordable. Tuk tuks also serve as good ground transportation options but getting an Uber is much more convenient.

I’ve also arrived at the beginning of monsoon season so the threat of rain is always in the air. The humidity is next level, hovering around 80% and if you are not under a fan or air conditioning, expect to start sweating almost immediately. Even after staying in Manila, Philippines for a couple of weeks, I thought I would be used to it but how wrong I was. If I’m not breaking out in sweat in Colombo, it is a good day.

I’m also very fortunate that a lot of people I went to high school with are still in Colombo and it was wonderful get acquainted with them again. I really appreciated all of them welcoming me back “home” that put a really warm feeling in my heart. It is good to be back. It really is.


What’s the food like?

I’ve missed Sri Lankan food so much! The local food is dominated by curry of all kinds and it is very different to curry you can get in Japan or Thailand. Most of the food is really spicy and my stomach is going to need a few days to get oriented to it again.

My first real meal in Colombo was in a popular spot for local food called Upali’s. They have a fantastic vegetarian lunch for around 400 Rupees (US$ 2.63) that came with rice and bunch of vegetable curries. Even though my stomach was trying to fight the spicy inferno that has engulfed it, every bite was a reminder of my childhood. I even thought of the times I would cry eating rice and curry but then continue eating because it was so good!



Biggest accomplishment last week

Even though I fell really short of editing all the vlogs from my trip before coming here, I have to celebrate the little victory of getting four of them on my Youtube channel. The vlogs center around the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in Zanzibar, almost getting stuck in Palestine, a walking graffiti tour of Tel-Aviv, and my experience flying Lufthansa’s Business Class aboard their 747.

It is so fun editing these because it brings me back to that very moment, something a photo cannot come close to replicating. I really need to get back and finish the rest of them so I can relive all the moments from my trip.

Allow me to share my favorite vlog out of the new ones I uploaded. It is about the time I went to a sand bank off the coast of Stone Town, Zanzibar. It was a last minute decision to join several people from the hostel I was staying with at the time to go on this trip but it is something I won’t easily forget. What a day. Enjoy the vlog!


What are you working on this coming week?

Now that I’m in Colombo, my primary goal is to hit the job search hard. I’ve put some feelers out all already but it is high time to put on the full court press and turn over as many rocks as I can. Apart from that, I’m planning to edit more video so I can clear the decks to record some new content for my Youtube Channel.

Even with all that, the most important thing I have to work on is being there for my girlfriend. She was crazy enough to let me go on my own for a really long time and now I have to be there for her and be the “real life boyfriend” she convinced all of her friends that she has. It’s nice to know that I can see her everyday instead of battling poor connections to communicate over the internet. 



Watched anything good lately?

I popped over to the brand spanking new Liberty Cinemas here in town last night and watched the new summer movie Alien: Covenant which is the sequel to the 2012 movie Prometheus, a prequel to the famed Alien franchise.

I eagerly awaited this film and even rewatched Prometheus to get back in the swing of things. Overall, I was not disappointed. Without giving too much away, expect a lot Alien versus human action with a couple of twists and turns for good measure. After walking out of the film, the first thing I thought about was rewatching the Alien series that naturally comes after it.

If you were a fan of Alien and Prometheus, I highly recommend heading to the theater to catch this one!


Catch you guys next week!

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