Saturday Snooze #002


It’s 10pm on a Friday night. I’m in my brother’s living room at his apartment in Metro Manila. My mother is laid out on the couch, part spectator, part distractor, eyeballing my brother play a shoot ‘em up on his phone. There are beeps, honks, and engine roars in the distance. The wonderful joy of living right next to a busy highway.

Despite being well into the night, it is a steamy 29C (84F for my American friends), and the sole fan in the room oscillates our discomfort and perspiration away, just barely. 

The scene is set. 

Welcome to the 2nd edition of “Saturday Snooze”, written the day before the said day in the title because I have shit to do tomorrow. If you are wondering what the heck you’ve stumbled upon, read this first and then continue with this one.

Before I go into my update, HAPPY 62nd ANNIVERSARY TO MY GRANDPARENTS! It was a pleasure to be able to gift them a cake for the occasion that my Grandmother happily lapped up.

And now, let the updates begin.


How’s The Job Search Going?

Much of the past week was spent solely focused on this not-so-fun task. Before I can even apply for a job, I needed to refresh my rather out of date resume in more ways than one. At some point not so long ago, I ran across this article of a resume startup fitting the soon to be former Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer’s 20+ career into a single, beautifully designed document. After seeing it, I promised my future self that I would do the same with mine when the time came.

My short career thus far was in Enterprise Information Technology and even though I could head back into that line of work, why not consider another career in a more creative direction? My girlfriend had a great suggestion: why don't I pursue a career in academia as a lecturer? I never really thought of getting into that line of work till she shared it with me and I am actually really excited about the prospect of it. I contacted my old principal at my high school in Colombo to set up a meeting and discuss the possibility of being a lecturer over there. Fingers crossed, I'll let you know what comes of it.

On the other hand, I am also trying to land a gig in content creation with a focus on video. Trying to pursue opportunities in different verticals means I can't have a single, one size fits all resume. This past week, I actually created three completely different ones. Here they are: resume for IT jobs, resume for teaching gigs, and resume for content creation jobs.

Here is my ask: I would love it if you could provide some feedback for each resume. Bonus points if you are in those fields already.

A couple of days ago, my superstar girlfriend referred me to a creative position that really interested me. I submitted my resume for the job the day after and the hunt is well underway!


What Am I Working On This Coming Week?

For this coming week, I'll be looking to make a serious dent with editing the vlogs of my trip for my Youtube Channel. I was hoping to get them to this past week but working on resumes and writing a newsletter for my part time gig stole all my time. I need to change gears before I go mad because looking up synonyms for adjectives to describe my work ethic is starting to drive me nuts.

To add a shroud of mystery, here is a still from the vlog I'm editing next.


Any ideas on what I'm doing? 


Best Thing I've Seen On The Internet This Past Week

A big thank you to my friend June for pointing me to Canva, an online graphic design tool for the everyday person. It is the application I used to design, in a rather short amount of time, the resumes I mentioned earlier. There are two wonderful things about the application. The first one being that it is chockfull of templates and graphics that you can use to put together a great design. This is huge for me because I love putting things together but I am horrible at trying to come up with graphics from scratch. The second being that the application is 100% free for life for personal use. Their revenue model stems from selling users premium graphics for $1 a pop along with a monthly subscription for larger teams. I like free. Free is good!

You can make a graphic for almost anything: Twitter banners, Youtube Channel Art, and infographics to name a few. The UI is very intuitive and you'll be amazed at what you can create after you spend some time playing around with it.


Any Productivity Tips?

Why, yes, thank you for asking! 

I've been on the hunt for a good text abbreviation solution for a long time now. There are several things I type over and over again that I would like to program. For example, I type the URL for this website quite often while I shamelessly plug myself all over the internet. It would be really awesome if I could abbreviate this somehow so I don't have to type it out, http: and all, every single time.

The simple solution here is to use Keyboard shortcuts on the Mac (sorry, not sorry, Windows users).


This worked pretty well until I had a need for programmable date and time variables.

Hello Atext! This nifty Mac application allows abbreviated shortcuts of pre-programmed phrases and date/time variables. I've even programmed it to display my most used emojis if I key in certain phrases. Typing in /eroll will result in 🙄 (by far my most used emoji) while /haha turns into 😂 (second most used emoji) and so on.

Do you want to know the coolest one? I have ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ programmed too!!!


I've gotten so much use from this application that I am going to fork over the $5 to buy a personal license!


Favorite Trip Photo Seen This Past Week & The Story Behind It

Morocco has come up a lot this past week so I took a peek at the photos I took during my month long stint in the country. The one above is by far my most favorite photo taken there.

I was in Berrechid, a town about 45 minutes south of Casablanca, where I was volunteering at a language school, when one of the students I was practicing speaking English with told us about a local festival that was going on right around the corner from the school. After we wrapped class up, a bunch of other volunteers and I headed over there to check things out.

It was a full on carnival atmosphere that centered around a repeated procession of horsemen in a line galloping down a track for about 30 feet and then firing of their rifles ceremoniously in the air. While I couldn't quite get the full scoop of the occasion, it was fun being in the crowd and witnessing such mastery at work. The horses were decorated in beautiful colored costumes while the horsemen wore traditional garb of warriors from a time gone by.


That's it! See you again next week?

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Nico Atienza is a third culture kid who took a year off from his life to make his dream of circumnavigating the globe come true. Apart from his love of travel, he is making videos for his Youtube Channel, an award winning volunteer who knows how to travel for free using miles & points, and is also probably trying to figure out how to tell his next story.

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