Podcast #2: Cash Money Millionaire In Vietnam


Andy & Tom catch me in one of Cambodia's most popular destinations, Siem Reap. In this discussion, I reflect on my first few weeks of travel - how cheap things are, awful (but cheap) the beer is and how easy to was to find people to travel with as a solo traveler in South East Asia.

References/Show Notes

1 US Dollar = 22,300 Vietnamese Dong. With so many zeros in all the prices in Vietnam, it was interesting to do math in your head as well hand over the right bills because some bills looked deceiving similar. Going to an ATM and withdrawing 2 million Vietnamese Dong (90 US Dollars) was a pompous activity -  I was a millionaire in Vietnam!

I also wanted to personally apologize for the awful sound quality on my part. Back in Ho Chi Minh City, I had I had lost my trusty pair of Apple Headphones and bought a replacement from a brand I was unaware of. Although it sounded great in my ear, I was unaware of how awful the microphone was till I played back the audio. Sorry, y'all!

Access to the internet was going to be huge for me as I travel and I will admit that my life functions better with it. As much as I was concerned about internet in Vietnam, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Wifi was prevalent at most places in the cities and quite fast at my accommodation while 3G Cellular access was good too. On the other hand, the weight of my backpack is beginning to be bothersome. At 20kg (45 lbs), it is a lot of weight to carry. My backpack is an Osprey Farpoint 55L and it has proved to be a sturdy pack so far but a bit heavy.

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Look forward to the next podcast hopefully while I'm in Singapore.

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Nico Atienza is a Philippines born, Sri Lankan raised traveler who sold everything, quit his job and escaped the rat race to travel the world in 2016. Apart from his love of travel, he is an award winning volunteer, miles + points aficionado and perpetually epicurious story teller. You can peer into his life by following him on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram or send him an Email.