Musick: May 2016 Edition


My heartbeat is an 808 machine with bass coursing through my veins. “Musick” is an ongoing series of posts showcasing the music that I loved on Soundcloud the month prior and wanted to share with the world! To view the full archive from this series, please click here. Enjoy!

With all the long bus rides getting from town to town in South East Asia, thank goodness for all the music to keep my ears and mind occupied. It's almost summer time and festival season is almost here!


Kaskade & Felix Cartal - "Fakin It" (Feat. Ofelia K)
Autograf - "Slow Burn"
Kill The Noise - "I Do Coke"

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About The Author

Nico Atienza is a Philippines born, Sri Lankan raised traveler who sold everything, quit his job and escaped the rat race to travel the world in 2016. Apart from his love of travel, he is an award winning volunteer, miles + points aficionado and perpetually epicurious story teller. You can peer into his life by following him on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram or send him an Email.