Musick: July 2015 Edition

If it is possible, I'm pretty sure my heartbeat is an 808 machine and bass flows through my veins. "Musick" is an ongoing series of posts showcasing the music that I loved on Soundcloud the month prior and added to a sets or tracks playlist. To view the full archive from this series, please click here. Enjoy!

The summer is heating up! Help me baby Jesus! The music is even hotter (is that even possible?) with so many gems on the tracks and sets side.

Much of this month has been spent trying to answer this question: WHO IS MARSHMELLO? This yet unmasked producer has stormed into the scene this past month with a handful of bangers such as "Pr0" and "WaNt U 2" (actual track names, fyi) that has left listeners mesmerized. Still not impressed? This producer even has a mix on Diplo & Friends this past month that was bananas! Seriously, WHO IS MARSHMELLO?!?!? More specifically on the tracks side, I was delighted to see many mixes of Rihanna's banger "Bitch Better Have My Money", affectionately dubbed "BBHMM" in the dance world, with the PatrickReza rendition flooring me! Enjoy this 30 track playlist that blew my mind last month:

The festival that stood tall last month was undoubtedly 'Tomorrowland' and there was one set that absolutely killed it. Enter Hardwell, who's intro of his set was a nice montage of summer bangers with a sci-fi/'Game of Thrones' undertone: EPIC! Not to be outdone, the 'Full Flex Express' train tour plowed through Canada with a Zed's Dead mix bodying the crowd in their hometown of Toronto. 

Honorable mention this past month has to be this 10 track playlist by master DJ Kaskade simply titled 'Kaskade Radio'. Sure, 2 out of the 10 tracks were his, but 'Disarm You' and 'Never Sleep Alone' are so damn good! I absolute had no problem liking this playlist that got many rotations!

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