Gig Review: It's The Ship 2015 Pt. 3 - Disembarkation, Final Thoughts & Survival Tips #ITS2015 (Singapore/Langkawi)


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I woke up in a daze on disembarkation day and somehow got myself off the ship, handed my passport to immigration and was back in Singapore. It's The Ship was now a slowly fading memory…

It wasn't without its frustrations, but overall, the positives narrowly edged out the negatives.


  • Stellar lineup! In the midst of many major acts like Kaskade and Ferry Corsten, I discovered so many new-to-me artists like Tigerlily, Autograf and Oliver Osborne.
  • Having access to food and water 24 hours a day is a huge PLUS!
  • Staff service was top notch. They kept every inch of the ship as clean as a whistle all hours of the day and my cabin attendant even remembered my name every single time I called on him.
  • The Mariner of the Seas is a one hell of an impressive cruise ship.


  • You know what rhymes with garbage? CARNAGE
  • Getting off and then on the ship for the beach party on Day 2 was a total disaster. More buses would have solved this problem.
  • Liquor selection was inadequate. I would liked to have seen more top shelf liquor, such as Grey Goose, or heck, even Malibu. Yes, I'm aware that they had major liquor sponsors, but they shouldn't have barred the consumption of other name brand liquors.
  • Schedule changes were poorly conveyed. With the ever changing nature of the festival, a lot of ship mates were kept in the dark on whether the artist was going to perform or not. I met a couple who were looking forward to seeing Adventure Club and was thoroughly disappointed when they never showed up.


  • Thinking I had to share a bed with a stranger and then finding out I had the cabin all to myself all along!
  • Taking a dip in one of the many hot tubs. The jets can really massage your tired body!
  • Seeing artists like Ferry Corsten, Mark Sherry and Tigerlily walking around the ship and being accessible. They were ship mates just like us!
  • The Headhunterz set was absolutely insane. Raging till 6am? No problem.
  • Seeing the sunrise. The last time I did this was in EDC Las Vegas 2013!


  1. Walk around with flips flops. There were lots of instances where ship mates were getting cut with broken glass on the floor.

  2. Take time to relax and refuel your body. With your comfortable cabin just an elevator away, and food and non-alcoholic drink available 24 hours a day, there's no excuse to not take a break.

  3. Get a waterproof case and use it to store your Seapass card and cellphone while you walk around. You won't be a happy camper if you lose your Seapass card and/or cause water damage to your phone. In fact, Guevera, a major sponsor, was handing them out as swag!

  4. Be ready to take a dip at all times! The urge to cool off (especially during the day) will strike at any time and you can save a trip back to your cabin by wearing your bathing suit as much as possible.

  5. Pace yourself. This ties in nicely with (2) above. ITS was a marathon and you don't want to be spent so soon doing a 100m dash. If you can make it to a sunrise set, it's totally worth it!


Highly unlikely, for the simple reason that there are so many festivals (on land and sea) I want to attend that repeat attendance of the same event isn't quite my style.

Thanks for the great vibes ITS! I wish you the best of luck for years to come.

Your pal,

Nico (Cabin 6529)

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EDITOR'S NOTE: I want to thank my homies EJ Aguas (@e2daj9), Jonathan Luu (@enixmedia) & Jon Panlilio (@jonpanlilio) for letting me jack their Instagram photos from the trip!